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Smash Repairs

The objective of Thornleigh Auto Body Smash Repairs following a traffic accident is to have your vehicle repaired to the same condition prior to the accident and have your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible. Finding the right smash repairs shop that will look after all your needs is often not so easy.

Not all smash repair companies are the same and to be assured that you are working with the right smash repairs company you need to consider a few specifics, including accreditations, use of technology, smash repairs experience and expertise and if necessary examples of the work performed.

Thornleigh Auto Body Smash Repairs for over 30 years has been at the forefront of technology and together with high levels of expertise has been servicing both individual and corporate clients. Our objective is the same as yours, to repair your vehicle to exact specifications in a timely manner.

You can be assured that we are equipped with the latest technologies to repair your damaged vehicle to exacting specifications and original condition.

Smash Repair Tools & Technology

Car repairs today can be complicated and having the appropriate tools is essential. We have a complete range of panel beating, car alignment, automotive welding, paint restoration facilities.

The electronic components in a car make it necessary to have the most modern tools to diagnose and test computer components fully. This must be done before work begins to ensure that we are only working on the parts of the car that have undergone damage. Our testing procedures involve a complete vehicle testing process.

Computerised Car Alignment

If your car has undergone more serious damage our Car-o-Liner computerised alignment system will align the chassis of your vehicle to the precise measurements defined by your car manufacturer.

Automotive Paint System

Our fully equipped paint restoration facility includes the use of PPG products, the leading automotive paint system worldwide. Today's automotive manufacturer and vehicle smash repairer are increasingly more sophisticated about the fit and finish in their customers vehicles. We take great care in ensuring our facilities provide the cleanest environment for your vehicle. Using PPG products for the finish on your vehicle will give you the high quality and long lasting result your need.

Specialist Automotive Welding

Today's vehicles are manufactured with high strength steels. The type of welding equipment used must be the same as that used by the manufacturer of your car. Therefore specialised equipment such as an inverted spot welder and a silicon bronze welder are essential. These ensure that vehicle has been repaired back to your manufacturer's specifications.
Thornleigh Auto Body have invested in all this equipment and you can be assured that your vehicle's safety and quality is not compromised.

Experienced Smash Repair Staff

With over 30 years experience we continue to ensure that our staff are equipped with the latest knowledge as well as tools for all cars, makes and models. They undergo rigorous testing of their skills and each vehicle they work on has to pass our strict quality testing. 
If you require any assistance at all regarding smash repairs, including a quotation following an accident, please call us on (02) 9481 9177 or complete our online contact form.